I'm a drummer, performer, composer, educator, teacher, clinician, and freelance drummer here in the state of Colorado.


Since early 2018, my primary gig is playing drums for regional Colorado Americana/Blues artist, A.J. Fullerton. Check him out at http://ajfullerton.com, pick up his latest record, Kalamath on iTunes, and come see us live. We tour and perform all over Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and beyond. I hope to see you at a gig.

 I also spend a lot of the year playing behind the great Denver, Colorado act, Murat and Custom Shop. Come and check me out with them too, and be sure to say, "Hi". 


I started playing drums at 10 years of age and have been obsessed ever since. Drums are my life, and as the old adage goes, "I didn't choose them. They chose ME." I did the school band program in my hometown of Fairbury, IL., and then moved to Hollywood, CA., where I attended the 91'-92' year of classes at Musicians Institute/P.I.T. There I learned from Joe Porcaro, Ralph Humphrey, Toss Panos, Fred Dinkins, Gary Garbatini, Ray Luzier, and all of the world class teachers who were teaching at the time. That year changed everything about my playing and undoubtedly helped shape my understanding of what it takes to be a "Professional Working Drummer" and the skills necessary to have a career playing music.

In the years since M.I., I've played in Country bands, Oldies groups, Funk bands, Modern Rock groups, played the Blues and have played in every major city you can think of. All because of MUSIC.

And, to this day, all of my time is spent with the drums in mind, whether it's listening to inspiring, favorite records, all of the great podcasts that relate to drumming/music, analyzing the styles of my favorite drummers on video, reading all the drum mags, and anything else that keeps me more "in the know" considering my drumming and music craft.

On my site you'll find examples of my playing, pictures of my gear, an "Upcoming Shows" area where you can keep track of my schedule, a blog that I'll add current thoughts and concepts to, and a spot where you can buy tracks that I record and compose here in my home studio. 

So, feel free to look around, browse a bit, and if you have comments or questions, leave a message below, or feel free to reach out to me at Don.Stahl@me.com. I'm happy to engage in any dialogue or questions you might have. 


About that "Clinic" 


You've been playing for years, you've practiced thousands of hours, you've learned to play many different styles, you've played with a zillion different bands over the years, traveled thousands of miles on the road and teach as many students as you can when you're not gigging.  
Now you're looking for something "next level" to further your skill set. 

This is/was me. I was looking for another avenue to share my knowledge as I felt I had amassed a good enough reputation with enough…

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  • Marla Stonecipher aka Marla Stone

    Marla Stonecipher aka Marla Stone Loveland, Colorado

    It's nice to wake up n watch drum videos!

    It's nice to wake up n watch drum videos!


Drums- Eames, Yamaha, Sonor, Noble & Cooley.





Cymbals- Sabian, Istanbul Agop, Paiste. 




Heads- Aquarian. 



Sticks-Vater Sugar Maple 5B http://www.vater.com

Influences- Jeff Porcaro, Vinnie Colaiuta, Matt Chamberlain, Peter Erskine, Simon Phillips, Dave Weckl, Gary Novak, Steve Gadd, Stewart Copeland, Jeff Sipe, Eric Moore II, Curt Bisquera, Carlos Vega, Billy Ward, Jim Keltner, and many more.